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Highlight row of current month

Highlight row in Excel if it ...

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PhotoViewer dll

Open image using legacy ...

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Add to textbox from listbox ...

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Excel ribbon

Add ribbon menu to certain ...

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ServerXMLHTTP stream

Using ServerXMLHTTP object to ...

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Simple Date stamp, calendar, ...

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Frm81 - FullDetails

Show window of details, can ...

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Frm6 - ANmaMultiSelect

Give users ability to ...

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Programming functions and subroutines (or snippets, codes, etc.) that each can be downloaded separately or combined as a module.

This website is result of my efforts in categorizing and organizing my library of programming codes during my work years. A practice I managed to maintain since 1997, it helped me a lot in advancing in creating customizable and upgradable tools quickly and easily.

Excel functions ( Sister website have Excel formulas, function combinations and other tricks and tips in Microsoft Excel to achieve several tasks and make life easier!

If codes here are little bit overwhelming, you can use Excel functions (and some other tricks) to do certain tricks to some level! Totals Since Feb 18th, 2018

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Controls, objects and classes, also cells, sheets, workbooks in VBA-Excel


User interface, user controls, and display codes

File System

File structure, folder, FTPs, local, intranet and a like

Texts + Strings

Texts, strings, convert, replace, encode, parts and concatenations


Drawings, charts, colors (not Multimedia!)

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Classic ASP

Active Server Pages, or VBScript, for web development. Code here can also be used in VBA, VBA-Excel or VB6


Java script, JQuery that enhances web apps


Visual basic for applications that works only in Microsoft Excel, aka macros


HTML scripts along with CSS styles


Visual Basic for Application (or macros) in most applications. Code here can also be used in VBA-Excel

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